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Hubing Scan

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With Hubing Scan you can take pictures of whiteboards or any other documents (books, notes, receipts, ... ), turning them into digital documents (Scanner to pdf or image). The intelligent edge recognition will quickly suggest an adequate scanning frame delimiting the relevant information. With Hubing Scan you can easily and quickly scan important information and share it with others. Start to engage collaboration, knowledge, creativity and imagination. Lets trigger big ideas and start to scanner...
FEATURES:- Capture and ShareHubing Scan allows anyone to transform any type of document or board to a digital format (JPEG, PDF or SCAN). You can easily export, share and email with others. Just capture the information, Hubing Scan will do the rest.
- Manage the new digital information for different purposes Each captured document is a page in a book. Move, copy, edit or delete pages anytime as you need. You can group pages by books for better management of your documents.
- Voice notesAdd one voice note for each captured document. You can record up to two minutes of voice memo.
- Intelligent cropWith intelligent edge recognition (auto-crop), Hubing Scan automatically detects borders and applies a perspective correction on any document or board. In addition, You can use our smart markers for even better detection.
- Handwriting annotation After capturing, complete the scanned documents adding new notes using text or handwriting. It’s possible to choose the color or the thickness of the pen to complete your digital information.
Hubing Scan : Scanner to digital information . Easily and quickly scan your notes and ideas. Lets trigger big ideas.
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